Children’s Ministry Online

A Message from Jennifer Moore

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to elaborate on my plans for children’s ministry for those of you who have kiddos or are volunteers in our ministry. The main way that I plan to communicate during this time is through our private Facebook group called Calvary Kids – Paris, TX. If you are not a member of this group, please be sure and request to join. There are a couple of questions that must be answered simply to make sure people requesting to join are actually part of our church. (This is not the same as our Calvary Kids Facebook page.)

I will be making periodic posts consisting of fun things the kiddos may want to watch or do…I have posted a couple of things already. I also plan to make a post each Wednesday and Sunday specifically for the kids to watch, consisting of the same lesson material we would have covered here in church…I will attach links so that you can print the activity sheets that go along with the lessons on Sundays. I would LOVE for the kids to be able to interact by posting comments (they may need your help) or videos of them talking about what I have posted. I think that it is super important to stay connected during this time and be reminded that when things get crazy in our world, that it’s just time to lean in that much harder to God, standing firm on His promises. I want our kiddos to know that the same God that we learn about in the Bible stories on Wednesdays and Sundays is the same God that is alive and well in our lives today. And, even though we may have had to close the physical doors of the church for a short time, we ARE the church…so that cannot be shut down…we’ll just temporarily do it a bit differently.

For my Wednesday night kiddos that are earning points…here’s what we’re going to do…

You will get your point for attendance if you either comment or text me that you watched the lesson post. I will most likely issue you a challenge of some sort during the lesson and I really, really hope you’ll participate. This could be really fun!! (I can’t wait to see your responses to the one for tomorrow!)

As far as learning the weekly memory verses, you will still get your points if at some point in the week, you will have one of your parents video record you saying it and text it to me or post it in a comment on the Facebook group page.

You will still get one point for each day you do a journal entry. Just have your mom or dad snap a pic and text it to me. I will be posting “suggested” verses for daily reading…but those are just simply if you need a suggestion…you can pick anywhere to read.

This is also a great time to learn your books of the Bible if you haven’t already…I’ve decided to up the points for that from 15 to 20 pts.

For any kiddos that were not currently coming on Wednesday nights, they are absolutely welcome and highly encouraged to jump in and participate with us! I will keep tabs on everyone’s points just the same as if we were still meeting.

If anyone has any questions, want to talk, have a prayer request, etc… please do not hesitate to reach out. I would love for the kiddos to still share their “highs” and “lows” for the week with me…another fun thing we do on Wednesday nights.

Praying for you all, and that we will be able to meet again in person very soon…but in the meantime, let’s make the best of it, and enjoy the extra downtime with our families. Love you all…

Jennifer Moore
Children’s Ministry Director
Calvary Chapel Paris